We offer you software solution that meets your targets.

Factory PreProgramed:

We can preprogram the player with your contents already in the manufacture process and all you have to do is to connect the power. The player will play according to a preprogramed schedule, it will shut down automatically during night and power up automatically in the morning. This will save your power cost and the environment. If you want to change the content you can change CF card or use a USB stick to update the player. It can play most formats and output 720p and 1080p depending on the screen.

Server/Client Network Software

With our Server/Client network based software we offer you you an easy way to control your digital signage network. It makes it easy for you to design your content and you can update your Digital Signage network automatically from with in software. You can program what to show based on calender function, show one type of content in the morning and something else in the afternoon.

Hosted Solution

Together with our software team you can develop a software solution that is completely tailor made for your needs. We can make it fully automated and make your content update a breeze. For example can we make a connection and update directly from your existing CMS management system. We can update and monitor the screens for you. Our system can output 720p and 1080p based on the hardware.



  • INF Company
    BSP Media går samman med INF Company
    Nu har vi kontor i Helsingborg, Palma de Mallorca & Shen Zhen
  • Videobroschyr!

    Vi har nu egen produktion av broschyrer med inbyggd LCD-skärm!

  • Ny produkt

    Vår ny Premium LED-list (aluminium) är nu klar för leverans.Den har ett kraftigare ljus och en smart magnetupphängning.

  • Kontor i Kina

    För att säkerställa vår produktion i Kina har vi nu egen personal på plats!

  • Nytt kontor

    BSP Media har flyttat till nya lokaler och finns nu i centrala Båstad. Karta hittar du under menyn Kontakt