Retail Displays – Merchandising

We help you with retail displays which are designed specifically for your products.

We can also increase the visibility of your merchandising with the help of LED lighting and LCD screens.

We offer creative solutions for point-of-purchase marketing.

The right price and the right design connected with reliable delivery means that that more and more customers choose BSP Media for effective store displays and other merchandising solutions

Infopelare,  19” LCD skärm med rörelsesensor

Pallexponering med utbytbara skyltar


ABU Garcia. Floor stand in wire for fishing lures

Nivea. Floor stand, metal

Bild på Eurosize spegel

Dyrberg / Kern. Eurosize mirror.
Digital printed acrylic mirror with a push button that plays a message.

ACO. Floor display made of metal with vacuum-formed plastic trays.

Bild på Eurosize spegel
Bild på absolut barlamp

ACO. Wall display for slatwall with vacuum-formed plastic trays.

Absolut Bar lamp. A smart display where the bottle is illuminated from below.


Remington. Wall Display in metal and glass with security locking and lighting

Bild på designförslag absolut barlamp
Bild på absolut bottleslide
Design Proposal Absolute bar lamp .
Acrylic box with LED lighting.

Absolut bottle slide.
Shelf display with pushers, the bottle at the front is
illuminated from below.

Bild på Puma lift
Double sided display with interchangeable 3D signs where the shoe is
floating on a cloud.

Counter display PUMA Lift Plexi glass display with interchangeable 3D images.
The shoe is placed in such a way that the consumers can easily feel it.

Bild på blend ställning
Cigarette display for Blend
Plexiglass with printing

ABU Garcia. Display for fishing rod. Spray finished mdf.

Bild på la perle displayställ
Bild på ballingslöv ljuspelare
La Perle
Display in plexi glass for Maria Nilla hair styling gel.

Light Column for kitchen expo

  • Video brochure

    We now have our own production of brochures with LCD screens!

  • New product

    Our new premium LED strip (aluminum) is now ready for delivery .They  have a stronger light and a clever magnetic suspension.

  • Offices in China

    To ensure our production in China, we have our own staff in place!

  • New office

    BSP Media has moved to new premises and is now located in the center of Båstad. Map can be found under the menu Contact.