We can help you to produce the contents or help you to fit your existing content to your screen sizes and resolutions. For example make a flash application that is connected to one of our touch screen solutions and create an interactive solution that can be used as information board in shopping malls or airports. We can of course help you to update the content when the information changes.

Please contact a sales representative for more information.

  • Video brochure

    We now have our own production of brochures with LCD screens!

  • New product

    Our new premium LED strip (aluminum) is now ready for delivery .They  have a stronger light and a clever magnetic suspension.

  • Offices in China

    To ensure our production in China, we have our own staff in place!

  • New office

    BSP Media has moved to new premises and is now located in the center of Båstad. Map can be found under the menu Contact.