We help you all the way!

We have extensive experience of lens printing, and our talented graphic designers help you to realise your ideas. Here's a guide:

  • The art work should always be 100% + 5 mm bleed all around.
  • In 3D, the size will be 25% wider. The background layer must have graphics on the entire surface, preferably a lot of detail. Flat colours do not work so well.
  • Bright, warm colours in front. Cool colours behind
  • Remember that the other layers must remain within the final format plus bleed
  • With 3D each objects shall be separate on its own layer. More layers the better
  • Note that the sharpness of the object decreases with depth Resolution: 300dpi, small format, large format (from 700x1000mm) 150dpi
  • Colour management should always be cmyk.
  • For lens printing , always supplied PSD files.
  • For printing on the back eg, postcards, the art work should be in Indesign , Illustrator , printable PDF files in CMYK with 5mm bleed all around
  • Always convert fonts to paths / outlines Never use italic and script fonts asthese will not be sharp.
  • Do not use too small font sizes, they will not be sharp .Sans serif fonts are better than Serif fonts
  • Avoid text, logos etc closer than 7mm at the outer edges

What is also important in 3D is to define what is the centre of the image, in other words, what is it that the viewers will see if they stand right in front of the picture.

  • Video brochure

    We now have our own production of brochures with LCD screens!

  • New product

    Our new premium LED strip (aluminum) is now ready for delivery .They  have a stronger light and a clever magnetic suspension.

  • Offices in China

    To ensure our production in China, we have our own staff in place!

  • New office

    BSP Media has moved to new premises and is now located in the center of Båstad. Map can be found under the menu Contact.