IdeaThis is 3D floor stickers

3D In-Depth Floor Graphics is a 3D floor sticker which uses a creative photographic technique to produce an illusion of perspectives.

screen-printed 4 +1 on the clear plastic wrap with slip-resistant laminate to create the illusion of 3D. The technology is patented in 86 countries of 3D Media A / S.

3D floor sticker gives the illusion that your products literally standing out from  the floor. There are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of this visual effect so that it really becomes remarkable. You can leave the product on the floor with a clear shadow effect, you can get it to come out of the floor, you can let the contents run out or have the product surprise customers in many other ways.

Standard sizes are 50x70cm, 70x100cm, 90x120cm and 120x140cm. Since the stickers are die cut there is usually space over four several smaller images on the same sheet.

220% More attention

3D floor stickers receive 220% higher level of attention than compared to standard floor stickers.
Influence the consumers where 75% of purchasing decisions are made - in the shops. 3D floor stickers have significantly lower cost per contact than other types of advertising. 3D floor stickers produce on average sales increases of 27%.


We also have "regular" floor stickers at a lower cost. These we can supply with slip-resistant laminate or varnish which is cheaper. All floor stickers are supplied with adhesive that allows it to be removed without damaging the substrate.

Several of our customers have asked for PVC-free flooring & window stickers. We have therefore developed in 2009, floor & window stickers that are made without PVC.


Other successful campaigns with 3D floor stickers:

Bild på lacaixa golvdekal

Bild på wrigley's xxl

Bild på ramlösa golvdekal Bild på ramlösa golvdekal
Ramlösa did a test with 3D floor stickers and sales increased by 46%.

Golvdekal exempel

Golvdekal exempel

golvdekaler exempel

R & R Bailey Company
70x100 Drinks Advertising

golvdekaler exempel

Credit card 70x100
Bank South Korea

golvdekaler exempel

Coca Cola 70x100, 3D effect with floating bottle & ice cubes

golvdekaler exempel

Johnson & Johnson
70x100cm nappy advertising.

golvdekaler exempel

Wrigley's chewing gum 70x100
Wrigley's Norway have for several years been using 3D floor stickers

golvdekaler exempel

Coca Cola 70x100
3D effect with depth

golvdekaler exempel

Diesel Large Format 310x200cm

golvdekaler exempel

Loreal 70x100
Casting Créme Gloss

bild på burger king golvdekal

Burger King 70x100
Launching Steakhouse
hamburgers Norway

bild på cottonelle golvdekal

Cottonelle toilet paper 70x100

golvdekaler exempel

Xcite gum 70x100

golvdekaler exempel

Unilever 50x70
Milda 4% cream

golvdekaler exempel

Dafgård 70x100
Billys Pizza

golvdekaler exempel

Arla Yoggi 70x100
Coop Sweden

golvdekaler exempel

Demi Dekk 70x100

golvdekaler exempel

Floating strawberry 50x70

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    Our new premium LED strip (aluminum) is now ready for delivery .They  have a stronger light and a clever magnetic suspension.

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